Dalton Campbell is a photographer. You probably already knew that.
What you may not know, is how he became one.

His 20's were spent running a company that built and designed race cars until 2008, when he decided to go back to school for business. After receiving his degree, he began searching for a new career that would allow him to better connect with people. This began with the purchase of his first camera. A hobby turned into much more when, in January of 2013, he sold everything he had and traveled to Europe to do photography full time. This journey is captured in his "Travelers" series and was the focus of an interview for Faded & Blurred. He returned home renewed by his experiences and continues to push deeper into the photographic world.

Some of his clients include: Sony Music Entertainment, Rolling Stone Magazine, Bright Ideas Magazine, Whole Foods, Energy Curb, Tugg.com, Austin Fusion Magazine, & The Digital Wild.