Lowe's Black Friday 2016 with the Property Brothers

Black Friday has some of the biggest deals for shoppers year round - and Lowe's had the right idea for taking their promos to the next level: take HGTV celebrities Drew and Jonathan Scott, throw them into a game show with the promotional products as the prizes, and live stream the whole thing to Facebook... all together?  You get one of the most entertaining Black Friday Promotions of all time. 

Robot Fondue did what we do best, working out the logistics from top to bottom- from Camera to live stream and between- Producing both a live teaser and product videos in Nashville and a live Game Show shoot in Miami.



Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 11.32.45 AM.png

For ART BASEL 2016, Adidas, and production partner Bureau Betak, wanted to create a unique and powerful reveal for their relaunch of the iconic EQT sneaker, the debut of their #TLKS series, and a one of a kind Concert event- taking over an art gallery and an abandoned speedboat racing venue to put on one of the most memorable events ever seen during Art Basel Miami.

Armed with Drones, steadicams, camera cranes and more, Robot Fondue and Karma broadcast the #TLKS event to over 125,000 viewers across the globe- then followed up by recording the exclusive Pusha T concert that followed for release at a later date.

Hosted on a barge in the key in front of Marine Stadium, highlights included steadicam footage of Pusha T arriving on a vintage Cigarette boat, then bringing down the house with the performance of both classic and new tracks.


Situation and Robot Fondue AT the NBCU Social Lounge

Back for a second year, Robot Fondue joined Forces with Situation Interactive to create the NBCU Upfronts Social Lounge.  This live talk show featured a star-studded lineup including stars from every NBC owned network.  Guests included Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Spike Feresten of Esquire's Car Matchmaker, and the stars of Chicago Med, to name a few.

Armed with our trusted BlackMagic ATEM Production Studio 4K, several Hyperdeck Studio Units, and a pair of Multidock Readers, Robot Fondue and Situation were able to capture and edit in next to no time, developing a post workflow which put the Social Lounge on Social Media in no time.


Thanks again to our friends at Situation Interactive for another great year- we look forward to the next one!


Saks Fifth Avenue, Holiday spectacular live

Saks Fifth Avenue's Holiday Spectacular gets bigger, brighter, and more wondrous every year! It's a New York City tradition that marks the start of the Holiday Season every year. Last year, we closed the streets down for a private performance from the Rockettes and this year, the brilliant lighting and fireworks design were truly breathtaking. 

The challenge of building this world class production begins with the constantly changing show elements. Saks Fifth Avenue's ambition to create a bigger, more incredible show, grows exponentially each year. We must match that  ambition with the ability to be constantly adaptive. This approach ensures we can adapt to capture the beauty of every single detail in show design. 

You can bet your third grade lunch money that we met their expectations, customizing their production with the highest, broadcast quality production studios and tapping only the best Directors, Producers, operators, and assistants. Even adding a 24-foot camera crane flying high over Fifth Avenue to capture all the magic.

We designed and produced a broadcast which truly brought the live, in person experience to the digital masses across the globe.

Special thanks to Director Tim Van Sommern for another great show, to our whole crew for their incredibly hard work, and to Saks and Streaming Tank for another year of Holiday Magic!

View the Event:  http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/editorial/events/holiday_live.jsp

Playster and Robot Fondue Bring You Everything You Want

After a successful collaboration on their “How Much?” video last year, Playster and Robot Fondue reteamed to create another exciting video showing viewers that Playster streams “Everything You Want.”


Late in the summer of 2015, the team at Playster approached Robot Fondue with a new and interesting challenge- create a 90 second ad which demonstrates Playster’s 4 major media offerings and shoot it in a way that it can be presented as four individual 15 second spots, each demonstrating a different kind of media.

As we put our heads together, we began thinking about the ways in which we use streaming media- what do we find memorable?  What would our main character look for?  What kinds of situations would we deem immediately recognizable?

As it developed, so did the overarching storyline- as our main character explored the media on her tablet, the media would come to life around her- her bedroom would become a live venue, her bathroom a paranormal nightmare.  As these worlds shaped themselves, so too did our message- escape into a world of entertainment, with everything you want.



Once the concept had been locked down, team Fondue loaded into Gary’s Loft in Brooklyn, NY to transport our lead actress, Sydney Backich, into the worlds of entertainment within Playster’s massive media library.

Through some creative art direction, highly choreographed camerawork, and the hard work of fondue’s in house effects team, we were able to create a quartet of fantastic vignettes with only two days on set.


To top last year’s 4 million views, Robot Fondue and Playster knew it would take something truly epic, and thanks to the hard work of our incredible cast and crew, we’re sure “Everything You Want” will truly answer the question posed by “How Much?”

Thank you to the whole crew for their hard work over long hours, the folks at Gary’s Loft, Ivan and Jordan at Elefant Films, and to all our vendors for helping bring these wild fantasies to life. And of course, thank you to the team at Playster for another amazing opportunity, we look forward to our next adventure!

Coach+RF this season's hottest collab.

For Fall Fashion Week 2016, Robot Fondue loaded into Coach's truly unique venue to create a fashion film for the ages, streamed live to the web and to Coach retail locations across the globe.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 3.22.48 PM.png

Tasked with shooting around one of the most unique runways ever built, Fondue's team rose to the challenge- rigging cameras to the rafters, bringing in a 12 foot Jib, and concealing 30 feet of dolly track to create a fashion film for the ages- streamed across the globe and to all of Coach's retail locations.

Special thanks to the whole Fondue Crew, Streaming Tank, and FlypackNY for helping produce something incredible, and to Coach for this amazing opportunity.

See the fashion film and campaign here:


Driving student achievement with SAGA Innovations

Robot Fondue's Creative team partnered with SAGA Innovations to create this series of recruitment videos for their intensive daily tutoring program.

For two days in May, a splinter crew consisting of Dave and Danny O'Halloran, and Mr. CW Millard landed at the Jefferson Educational Campus in East New York to interview and follow students, teachers, and SAGA Fellows as they went about their days.

Thanks to the generosity of Jefferson Campus' administration, Robot Fondue's team was able to capture an authentic and emotional look at how much SAGA's program can affect students' lives.

Thank you to Antonio and Ashleigh from SAGA Innovations for this amazing opportunity, and thank you to everyone at Jefferson Educational Campus for welcoming us with open arms!


Introducing AKA Hot

Revolutionizing Shopping.

Revolutionizing Shopping.

When you need to introduce a revolutionary new shopping website, you need a company with revolutionary ideas.  That's exactly what lead AKA Hot to partner with Robot Fondue to introduce their brand- a shopping website which lets you shop directly from your favorite brands, but check out just once- then invests the proceeds in developing educational programs for the modern world.


Mr. Matt Bizer embraces his inner Construction Foreman.  

Mr. Matt Bizer embraces his inner Construction Foreman.  

Conceived & Directed by Fondue NY's Dave O'Halloran and shot by Mr. Fondue himself, Matt Bizer, the AKA Hot brand introduction campaign featured stops at Hill Country Galleria, The Khabele School, The University of Texas, and even Fondue Austin's home base.  Utilizing the power and flexibility of Sony's FS7 cameras and GoPro's Hero4, we were able to shoot the entire project in top-quality 4K without breaking the bank.

This whole job would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our Fondue Family- Travor, Jamie, and Will- or our incredible crew.  Thank you all, and thank you to the folks at AKA Hot, can't wait to get shopping!

The Fondue CREW:

Dave O'Halloran- Director and Producer

Matt Bizer- Director of Photography

Will Rimmer- Assistant Director and Child Wrangler

Travor Terrell- Locations Management and Client Services

Mark Manthey- Gaffer

Paola Manthey- Set Design and Art Direction

Philip Sheldon- Assistant Camera

Charlie Pierce- Key Grip

Michael Boyd- Swing

Becky Joyce- Hair and Make-Up

Emily Antonetti- Wardrobe

Michael Greene- DIT

Sean Hale- Production Assistant and Driver

Rob Rowland- Production Assistant

Learda Shkurti- Production Assistant

Robot Fondue GETS social at the NBC Universal Social Lounge

Robot Fondue partnered with Situation Interactive to bring this star-studded live experience to the web. Guests from USA, Bravo, Oxygen, E!, and SyFy stopped by the NBCU Social Lounge for a chat with host Jenni Pulos to promote their shows and play some very interesting games.

Robot Fondue utilized the latest gear from both Blackmagic Design and Newtek to create a seamless interactive live experience. Director Matt Bizer and his team of technical engineers caught all the action leveraging ATEM live production studios as the stars dished out some juicy gossip, as well as hints into the new seasons of their shows. 

Diary of a "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" Live Stream

After nine books and two movies, what else is there for "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" creator Jeff Kinney to do?  Release a tenth book of course!!

And when it came time to make the big announcement, the teams at Abrams Books and their partners at Streaming Tank knew exactly which crew could bring the excitement of the moment to thousands of students around the world.

Embracing the power of NewTek's Tricaster 860 and the flexibility of Sony's line of broadcast cameras, Robot Fondue's live arm, Kinetic Capture, mixed photos, live video, pre-recorded interviews, and animation to create an half hour multimedia extravaganza featuring the author himself, stars of the Wimpy Kid films, and children from all over the world.


The Fondue Crew:

Matt Bizer- Producer

Dave O'Halloran- Director and Live Engineer

James Weidner- Sound Engineer

Dan Jusino- Camera

Charles Billot- Camera

Danny O'Halloran- Camera

GianCarlo Fernandez- Camera

Danny Yoon- Live Production Assistant

Curtis Millard- Camera Production Assistant

Burger King, Robot Fondue, and a Chicken Too!

When Burger King and International Ad Agency Ogilvy & Mather needed a team that could pull together a cost effective and fast paced live team they called Robot Fondue.

Continuing our collaboration with international industry leader, Streaming Tank, Robot Fondue hit the road for a six-day adventure alongside Burger King's Random Gloria Tour.   The crew packed up the Fonduemobile (a rented Chrysler Town & Country) with three Sony PMW 300 cameras, over 800 feet of HD-SDI cable, a GoPro and our trusty Black Magic ATEM Production Switcher.

With stops in New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida, the Fondue Crew set up shop outside six different Burger King locations and streamed the chicken “Gloria’s” antics for the whole world to see.  Every day, at 1pm, Gloria the chicken would roll out of her van, be placed into a coop, and choose between two bowls of feed- one which said yes, and one which said no- the decision: “Does this city get to eat Burger King’s delicious Chicken Fries today."


At each location our crew would pull up and load out, running cable from our trusty blue tent to the “decision zone.”  The set up was simple we would send out two PMW cameras (on the skilled shoulders of GianCarlo Fernandez and Dan Jusino) and lock down a third stationary decision camera, a GoPro Hero 4.  Run through our trusty Decimator MD-HX, the GoPro provided the key shot each and every day.

As our crew traveled further south and the sun got brighter, so too grew the need to improvise- particularly in Orlando and Miami.  Fortunately we had one of the most wildly creative grips in the business, Dan Jusino, amongst us.  In Orlando, when the direct sunlight was overexposing our trusty action cam, Dave volunteered his RayBans to act as a makeshift ND filter.  Then, in Miami, when the sun was just beating down too hard, a $4 umbrella, a Manfrotto arm, and a generous application of Gaff provided the GoPro with the shade it needed to avoid overheating.

Thanks to the folks at Streaming Tank, Ogilvy & Mather, Bandito Brothers, and Burger King for this amazing opportunity, and thank you to the chicken crew- Dave, Dan, GC, recent Fondue lifer Danny Yoon and our sound man Jim “Jurassic Park” Weidner for their incredibly hard work- this tour was one for the Fondue history books.

Robot Fondue helps Playster Introduce Their "Everything Unlimited" Streaming Service

Playster provides users with Movies, Music, Books, and Games all available as part of a single service- the only question... how much?  

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 5.01.50 PM.png

Directed by Matt Bizer, shot by Ben Carey, and featuring international model Joy Corrigan with a cast of up and coming models and actors, this video and still ad campaign served to introduce users in both the US and Canada to this singular media service.

Leveraging the sheer power of RED's Dragon camera, Robot Fondue produced this slick, sexy day-in-the life video, displaying the flexibility and variety available on Playster's platform.

Thanks to the team at Playster and to our dedicated crew for making this video shine!