Crew Fondue road trips to Mississippi to hang with the one and only Luther Dickinson

Luther Dickinson is one the the true originals. Whether you know him from the Black Crowes, North Mississippi Allstars, Jim Dickinson & the Hardly Can Playboys, or his solo album's, you know he's one of the most talented musicians out there. We were beyond stoked to get to travel to the Zebra Ranch Electric Church and Fellowship Hall in Tate County, Mississippi to meet Luther and hear about his new album, 'Rock 'n' Roll Blues', set to release March 18th!

The history in this studio is amazing. From Otis Reddings' pianos, Bob Dylan telling Jim Dickinson "you need some chickens" on the piano, to the legendary artists that have recorded here, you can't help but stand in awe and take everything in.

We spent the day hearing about Luther's latest solo album, which features songs he's written over the past few decades. 'Rock 'n' Roll Blues' is so different from his previous albums. "Vandalize", in which he plays the two-string, coffee-can diddley bow (pictured below) has a punk edge to it that hearkens back to the days during his grade school years when Black Flag was his favorite band.

Shooting Luther was incredible. I think we got enough footage to do a documentary on him and his family. We are so looking forward to hearing his new album and working with him again.