Coach+RF this season's hottest collab.

For Fall Fashion Week 2016, Robot Fondue loaded into Coach's truly unique venue to create a fashion film for the ages, streamed live to the web and to Coach retail locations across the globe.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 3.22.48 PM.png

Tasked with shooting around one of the most unique runways ever built, Fondue's team rose to the challenge- rigging cameras to the rafters, bringing in a 12 foot Jib, and concealing 30 feet of dolly track to create a fashion film for the ages- streamed across the globe and to all of Coach's retail locations.

Special thanks to the whole Fondue Crew, Streaming Tank, and FlypackNY for helping produce something incredible, and to Coach for this amazing opportunity.

See the fashion film and campaign here: