Playster and Robot Fondue Bring You Everything You Want

After a successful collaboration on their “How Much?” video last year, Playster and Robot Fondue reteamed to create another exciting video showing viewers that Playster streams “Everything You Want.”


Late in the summer of 2015, the team at Playster approached Robot Fondue with a new and interesting challenge- create a 90 second ad which demonstrates Playster’s 4 major media offerings and shoot it in a way that it can be presented as four individual 15 second spots, each demonstrating a different kind of media.

As we put our heads together, we began thinking about the ways in which we use streaming media- what do we find memorable?  What would our main character look for?  What kinds of situations would we deem immediately recognizable?

As it developed, so did the overarching storyline- as our main character explored the media on her tablet, the media would come to life around her- her bedroom would become a live venue, her bathroom a paranormal nightmare.  As these worlds shaped themselves, so too did our message- escape into a world of entertainment, with everything you want.



Once the concept had been locked down, team Fondue loaded into Gary’s Loft in Brooklyn, NY to transport our lead actress, Sydney Backich, into the worlds of entertainment within Playster’s massive media library.

Through some creative art direction, highly choreographed camerawork, and the hard work of fondue’s in house effects team, we were able to create a quartet of fantastic vignettes with only two days on set.


To top last year’s 4 million views, Robot Fondue and Playster knew it would take something truly epic, and thanks to the hard work of our incredible cast and crew, we’re sure “Everything You Want” will truly answer the question posed by “How Much?”

Thank you to the whole crew for their hard work over long hours, the folks at Gary’s Loft, Ivan and Jordan at Elefant Films, and to all our vendors for helping bring these wild fantasies to life. And of course, thank you to the team at Playster for another amazing opportunity, we look forward to our next adventure!