Burger King, Robot Fondue, and a Chicken Too!

When Burger King and International Ad Agency Ogilvy & Mather needed a team that could pull together a cost effective and fast paced live team they called Robot Fondue.

Continuing our collaboration with international industry leader, Streaming Tank, Robot Fondue hit the road for a six-day adventure alongside Burger King's Random Gloria Tour.   The crew packed up the Fonduemobile (a rented Chrysler Town & Country) with three Sony PMW 300 cameras, over 800 feet of HD-SDI cable, a GoPro and our trusty Black Magic ATEM Production Switcher.

With stops in New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida, the Fondue Crew set up shop outside six different Burger King locations and streamed the chicken “Gloria’s” antics for the whole world to see.  Every day, at 1pm, Gloria the chicken would roll out of her van, be placed into a coop, and choose between two bowls of feed- one which said yes, and one which said no- the decision: “Does this city get to eat Burger King’s delicious Chicken Fries today."


At each location our crew would pull up and load out, running cable from our trusty blue tent to the “decision zone.”  The set up was simple we would send out two PMW cameras (on the skilled shoulders of GianCarlo Fernandez and Dan Jusino) and lock down a third stationary decision camera, a GoPro Hero 4.  Run through our trusty Decimator MD-HX, the GoPro provided the key shot each and every day.

As our crew traveled further south and the sun got brighter, so too grew the need to improvise- particularly in Orlando and Miami.  Fortunately we had one of the most wildly creative grips in the business, Dan Jusino, amongst us.  In Orlando, when the direct sunlight was overexposing our trusty action cam, Dave volunteered his RayBans to act as a makeshift ND filter.  Then, in Miami, when the sun was just beating down too hard, a $4 umbrella, a Manfrotto arm, and a generous application of Gaff provided the GoPro with the shade it needed to avoid overheating.

Thanks to the folks at Streaming Tank, Ogilvy & Mather, Bandito Brothers, and Burger King for this amazing opportunity, and thank you to the chicken crew- Dave, Dan, GC, recent Fondue lifer Danny Yoon and our sound man Jim “Jurassic Park” Weidner for their incredibly hard work- this tour was one for the Fondue history books.